Demon Lover: Part Two

Some people beg for demons. They fall easily, writhing with regret. Even in those who summon demons, attempting to bind us with foul symbols of the false god, there is a frisson of fear. Unbelievers are as easily haunted as the devout. Shame is the only requirement. We always have options, if we’re willing to take them.

Sitting with fear and art

If you have generalized anxiety disorder, you’ve probably learned to talk to yourself about death. We all have our own methods, but my general script goes like this: Anxiety: You’re going to die because of X, here are the reasons. Me: I will die someday, and I’m going to take reasonable precautions to postpone that,Continue reading “Sitting with fear and art”

I believe in the kindness of community

Don’t believe the stories that say at the end of all thingswith the sky fallingwe’ll dive into ever worse warring.  We are well equipped to live liminally, for every resting place along our way to become a celebration when we meet. We can be strangers without a word between us and still communicate deeply.  We, the wandering species, are as grittyContinue reading “I believe in the kindness of community”