This baby can fit so much queer yearning…

Occasionally, a story is best told through poetry.

That’s what I found in the case of this love story, which has been living in my head rent free for at least a decade. The particulars have shifted through the years, dreamtime details vanishing with the moon, but the substance is always the same: a self-proclaimed villain and a self-effacing hero meet in battle and fall for each other. The consequences ripple down the ages.

Love Songs for the Sun is for capital-R Romantics, people who can’t get enough enemies to lovers tropes, and anyone who has experienced an excess of queer yearning. It’s out on November 20th, and up for pre-order now.

Will you teach me to fly?
If I teach you how to dive
to unknown depths
where only madmen dare descend,
will you pull me in a spiral
toward some burning star?
Can we ruin each other
for mediocrity? 

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