May Day Message

Happy Beltane! Happy May Day!

This is my second favorite holiday, falling directly opposite of my favorite holiday, Halloween. The veil is thin, the sun is shining, and everything is growing. What a wonderful time to announce some changes. Last night, for Walpurgisnacht, I tried my hand at broomstick making, then jumped on our backyard trampoline holding said broom. That counts as a witch’s flight, right?

I’ve been silent for a while, resting, working, and meditating on projects. I started out April planning to record a poem for every day of the month. Once I recovered from illness enough to head back to my day job, I didn’t have the energy to to do all that, but my channel is still active, and I’ll continue slowly filling it with poetry. I’ve had some wonderful feedback and encouragement on my readings from Mary, Marnie, and others. Thank you so much.

I’m continuing work on Witch/Pilgrim/Heretic, my poetry book partly compiled during my Camino de Santiago journey. I’m determined to make it available by the end of May, at the latest. If you’d like to know when it’s ready, you can sign up for my mailing list and also get a free copy of Between Death and the Devil, my book of tarot poetry.

Side note: I’m glad I learned that Geminis are notoriously flighty, because it gives me an excuse for starting dozens of projects at once. Since quarantine started, I’ve been feeling the call to get back into zine making, especially since I’m having a great time collecting witchcraft related zines from other writers. As such, I’m reopening my Etsy shop. Soon it will be full of signed copies of my books, my zines, and probably some witchy art as well, so be sure to follow.

Finally, most of my books are currently on sale or free on Kindle, and will be until May 5th or 6th, depending. Check them out on my author site on Amazon.

With that, I’m off to build a new vegetable bed. Happy Beltane. I hope you get a chance to soak in nature, support a strike, and play with flame today.

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